Repurchase of credit: bundle your loans with cheap loan insurance

Credit redemption insurance simulation to get out of debt

Credit redemption insurance simulation to get out of debt

Consolidation of credits is a solution that can help you get out of over-indebtedness. You have different options: the mortgage loan, credit redemption without mortgage or bonded loan. These formulas adapt and articulate according to your profile.

We invite you to perform a credit redemption simulation that will allow you to have an immediate overview of the gain generated by such an operation. Also think about simulating your credit buyback insurance .

Compare insurance for online credit redemption

You repay several credits and would like to consolidate them into one and the same credit. Simulate your credit redemption to learn about your possibilities:

  • loan redemption rate, monthly payments, loan term, achievable savings …

A credit consolidation reduces your monthly payments by extending the repayment period.

Consumer credit purchase


If the total amount of your consumer loans is too large, you may end up in a situation of debt distress. Purchase of loans allows you to reduce your monthly payment and thus regain your purchasing power.

Cheap Loan Insurance offers you a debt restructuring to reduce the monthly payments of your credits conso (credit work, personal loan, car loan, revolving credit …) taking advantage of a very attractive rate.

Purchase of home loan

Purchase of home loan

You own a property and would like to find a good financial capacity? The home loan buyback allows you to consolidate the monthly payments of your home loan with those of all your credits conso: you only have one loan at a very advantageous rate.

Simulate my credit buyback insurance


Thanks to the subscription of a credit repurchase insurance , the repayment of your loan is taken in charge by the insurer if you happen something (death, illness, accident, loss of employment …) and you avoid so any financial difficulty and protect your loved ones. By simulating your credit repurchase insurance , you discover the rate of which you can benefit and the amount of your monthly payments. We can then send you the quotes of the cheapest offers on the market that best fit your situation and your credit redemption project.

With broker George Smiley, you optimize all your credit and loan insurance online!