where to go if you need an urgent credit card? The answers are here

After all, there are always reasons to spend money on something “very necessary” …

What if it’s a day off or a deep evening and you need money urgently? When are the branches closed and you have to wait for a business day to open? Is this situation so desperate?

No, theoretically, of course it is possible. Indeed, you can urgently get money on the card by “intercepting” a debt from someone you know. But as it usually happens, none of them (for you) “right now” have no money in debt …

Credit, urgently, on the card ? To you in the MFO!


Fortunately, in the courtyard of the twenty-first century, the time of mobile communication, Internet and online banking. Therefore, it is quite possible to get a credit card as soon as possible. The first to notice this opportunity and occupy a niche of fast Internet lending to the population specialized micro-financial organizations, the so-called MFIs.

What is an MFO? It is a certified financial institution (under strict state supervision) specializing in fast-moving consumer micro-lending to individuals. The obvious competitive advantages of MFIs over classic system banks are:

  • mainly contactless customer service via the Internet;
  • availability of services at any time (round-the-clock work);
  • high timeliness of crediting, calculated in minutes;
  • reduced requirement to confirm the solvency of the applicant (compared to traditional banks).

What can you expect to do by contacting the MFO?


  1. Convenience. MFI customer service is provided via the Internet (online), remotely, without the applicant’s direct contact with the institution’s employees. Therefore, there is no need for the applicant to go anywhere, visit anything, to obtain an urgent credit card . It is enough in any place where you are physically to have access to a computer device (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone) from which you can access the Internet.
  2. 24/7 accessibility. MFOs actually only exist on the Internet (in the form of relevant websites), their work is based on the most automated (software) processing of information. And machines (computers) and computer programs “afford” not to sleep. The convenience of MFI banking is also that it is available regardless of opening hours, around the clock, even on weekends and holidays.
  3. Speed ​​(urgency). To date, the broadest customer bases have been developed in various fields, with the most accurate information on practically every one of us. MFIs, for their part, solve the problem of software access and information processing of such client bases. Therefore, at the expense of maximum automation, the decision to issue a loan to MFIs is made in minutes. Where else is it more urgent?