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10 things She-Hulk does better than other Disney Plus series

Jennifer Walters is the cousin of Bruce Banner and the new superhero introduced in Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As the Hulk, she has the strength and ability to transform. Unlike her cousin, she has no alter-ego. Jennifer is herself, whether she is under or over six feet tall. She-Hulk: Lawyer stands out from other MCU series on Disney+.

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She-Hulk is unique from the rest of the heroes because she doesn’t date or fight crime. Instead, Jen dedicates her life to her work as an attorney in the Superhuman Law Division. While Matt Murdock deals with the law in Hell’s Kitchen, Jen handles cases with superpowered clients, showcasing an entertaining new side to the MCU.

ten The connection between Bruce Banner and Tony Stark

Bruce Banner mentioned Tony Stark in passing, explaining that he built him a beach house with an underground lab. They also built a bar together, although Bruce claimed he did most of the work while Tony drank and complained about Steve Rogers. Tony has given Bruce sanctuary and lots of great memories. As the two were both intellectuals, they found it easy to connect.

Bruce doesn’t seem to have come into contact with anyone in the same way since, as he spends most of his time isolated. A few words and memories, including one of Tony’s Iron Man helmets, showed how much he missed Bruce.

9 She-Hulk character development from 2008

The Abomination made its first appearance in The The Incredible Hulk in 2008, but would not reappear until his cameos in Shang Chi and She-Hulk: Lawyer. She-Hulk makes Abomination a character that shows everyone is capable of changing for the better. Unlike John Walker in The Falcon and the Winter Soldierhis decision to do the right thing didn’t come out of nowhere.

Emil Blonsky has spent years thinking, helping other people inside prison make peace with themselves, and even connecting with people outside prison. It was through hard work that he was able to overcome the negative effects of the Super Soldier Serum, which enhanced his worst qualities.

8 Jen chooses to help people in her own way

Many superhero movies and shows try to convey that if someone has powers, they are obligated to use them to help others. Jennifer Walters proves that superpowered people don’t have to fight criminals to contribute to society.

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Jen made the decision to help people years before she gained her powers. Even after becoming physically powerful as the Hulk, all she cared about was continuing to work as a lawyer. She still performs her civic duties. However, she is not completely unaware of her powers and uses them when others are in danger, such as when Titania burst into the courtroom.

seven There is no threat of the end of the world

Many MCU series and movies on Disney+ have included threats that affected the world or multiverse. In Moon Knightthe Egyptian god Ammit planned to cleanse the world of anyone she deemed unworthy. Loki set up a multiversal war and Ms. MarvelThe undergrounds were ready to destroy the Earth for a chance to return to the Noor dimension.

So far, She-Hulk: Lawyer has no threat that attempts such large-scale destruction. Having such high stakes all the time can wear down the audience, and sometimes smaller threats are enough to challenge a hero.

6 Jen has no tragic history

Something so typical of superheroes is having some sort of tragic backstory. Losing someone important is often enough to make someone braver, and they have the motivation to do the right thing. Jen didn’t need that. Jen proves she can help others without being spurred on by someone’s death.

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Like any other trope typical of the superhero genre, tragic stories begin to lose their impact if every superhero has one. Characters like Thor and Wanda have lost so much. While their stories are compelling and heartbreaking, the MCU shouldn’t use tragedy to spark every character’s growth.

5 The law still applies to superhumans

Although some people in court have superpowers, they are not exempt from the law. Abomination nearly lost his chance at freedom because he was seen fighting at the Golden Daggers Club in China. He hasn’t been punished for it since Wong broke him out and testified that the Abomination returned to prison of his own free will.

The court attempted to charge Wong with breaking the law, but the Sorcerer Supreme avoided his punishment by entering a portal. Runa was also sentenced to prison for impersonating a judge. She-Hulk now examines Superhuman Law as other MCU projects have done before.

4 Jennifer Walters lives a laid-back life as a superpowered person

Some people with superpowers can continue to lead normal lives if they look like an ordinary civilian. When their powers are obvious or known to the masses, the person with superpowers suddenly becomes a public figure. Jen had no choice but to accept an interview because people would make up a million things about her otherwise.

As the Hulk, her parents required her to do the heavy lifting around the house, and she had to get two cabinets and reinforced furniture for her She-Hulk transformations. While it is difficult to fight crime, it can be just as difficult to manage a life that has changed so drastically and Lawyer presents it beautifully.

3 She-Hulk’s Court Cases Are Fun

She-HulkThe court cases of have been incredibly fun to watch. Bukowski v. Runa was without a doubt the most entertaining court cases to date. To convince the court that Dennis Bukowski deserved compensation for the $175,000 he spent on a shapeshifting light elf named Runa, Jennifer Walters testifies as a witness.

She said Bukowski was arrogant and deceived enough to believe he could date Megan Thee Stallion. Although she helped him win his case, Jen completely embarrassed Bukowski by doing so. Her comments also led to the unforgettable appearance of Megan Thee Stallion.

2 Jen is confident but not perfect

Jen is a confident person, but her job requires her to behave openly with confidence. If she showed the slightest sign of weakness, opposing attorneys would see it as an opportunity to bring her down. Demonstrating trust also reassures superiors and clients.

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There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance, but Jen walks the line and never dives towards it. Jen isn’t perfect either. She is impatient when training with the Hulk and tries to ignore his issues, such as bad press. Her desire for normality makes her feel like one of the most mature and relevant female heroines of Phase 4.

1 MCU cameos don’t feel forced or overwhelming

Jen reminds the audience that the show is hers and does not belong to any of the many cameos that have appeared so far. It’s not necessary since Jen wasn’t overshadowed by any of the secondary characters.

Cameos seem natural so far. Bruce Banner is her cousin and the reason she has powers. Since she works for the Superhuman Law Division, it’s only natural that audiences would see her representing other people with powers. Wong and Abomination were linked to Jen’s first superhero case. Their appearances weren’t forced, and future cameos tied to his law practice won’t feel out of place either.

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