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Big Mouth Ep 15 & 16 review: Lee Jong Suk becomes Big Mouse and takes revenge on YoonA

The 15th episode begins with Park Chang Ho (Lee Jong Suk), who visited Gong Ji Hoon (Yang Kyung Won) that day, warning, “Chairman Kang did not die of a heart attack. When the will is published, you will come to see me first. Don’t ask for help then. ”

Choi Doha (Kim Joo Hun) says to Hyun Joo Hee (Ok Ja Yeon), “I have to change my plan. I’m going to run for mayor instead of running for the National Assembly.” Hyun Joo Hee said, “Because of Park Chang Ho? I was puzzled. Choi Do Ha persuaded Hyun Joo Hee by saying, “I was wondering why he wrongfully passed it on to me. He asked me to protect Chairman Kang’s achievements. It’s not too late to enter politics after becoming a market stable.”

Meanwhile, Go Miho was diagnosed with acute terminal lymphoma. Miho said, “Are you a fat mouse? to only do it until I get paid for Choi Do Ha. I can,” he explained. Miho said, “I want you to be a good fat mouse. A good and just big mouse who bullies helpless people and punishes those who live only for themselves, those bad guys.”

Before the TV debate, the Park Chang Ho controversy erupted. Gong Ji Hoon told Park Chang Ho, “It’s Choi Do Ha’s job. We confirmed it. He was elected the same way in the last election.” Park Chang Ho, who was in crisis, thought about fish farming and thought about it. After that, Miho gathered people saying, “I have to rob the farm.”

The 16th episode begins with Choi Do Ha, the center of power and the axis of evil, dead after a long fight between a small family of citizens trying to uncover the ugly face of the privileged class, and Park Chang Ho was victorious.

The televised debate, the final step towards Gucheon’s mayoral seat, has begun. Park Chang Ho and Choi Do Ha added heat to the discussion by revealing details about each other that they know. In particular, Park Chang Ho mentioned Choi Do Ha’s paternal grandfather to point out the dangers of NK and NF9 chemistry, stimulating him and giving him a heart-pounding blow.

While Park Chang Ho was fighting in the chat room, Go Mi Ho (YoonA) raided a secret fish farm and obtained evidence that NK Chemicals had dumped waste water containing radioactive substances into the sea without permission. Go Mi Ho, who was dispatched with a smoking gun to defeat Choi Do Ha, participated as a citizens’ panel in a televised debate and rocked the election scene by releasing an indictment video with the fact that he was fighting disease. Despite waves from Park Chang Ho and Go Mi Ho, Choi Do Ha was elected mayor of Gucheon. In the midst of this, a hot phone, decisive evidence to prove Choi Do Ha’s corruption, arrived at Park Chang Ho’s office. Hyun Joo Hee launched support to stop her husband’s evil deeds. However, on the day of the trial, Choi Do Ha inflamed viewers’ anger when he escaped it with the heartless act of imprisoning his wife Hyun Joo Hee in a mental hospital.

From Jang Hye Jin (Hong Ji Hee) to Hyeon Joo Hee who had helped her disappear one after another, Miho was quickly weakened by guilt. Mi-ho Go, who felt the end, gave a heartfelt greeting, “I love you, Chang Ho,” and met an honorable death. Park Chang Ho, who had lost his wife, who was all he had, and was possessed by the poison, decided to return the same way Choi Do Ha had harmed him. Like the victims who died innocently, Choi Do Ha, who was exposed to the radioactive sewage he discharged, died vomiting blood in front of Park Chang Ho.

Those who committed all sorts of atrocities on Choi Do Ha’s side to hide the truth also paid the just price for their sins. At the same time, Miho’s wish, “I want you to be a good fat mouse”, gradually came true thanks to the efforts of the second fat mouse. “Big Mouse” ended in Gucheon, which began to gradually develop into a livable city thanks to Big Mouse’s good deeds.

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