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Man Utd show courage to back victory

It was an important win over Southampton for United, following Monday’s win over Liverpool. The teams seemed even and it wasn’t the best quality on either side, in fact it was a bit chaotic. The home team should have scored a few points and will feel that a point was the least they deserved.

There had been seven league defeats in a row away from home for United and while no one could say they looked like one of the best teams in England, they showed more courage and determination than this. was the case recently. This is at least a basis on which Erik Ten Hag can work. The signing of Casemiro, who only came on late as a replacement, could prove crucial. Defensive transitions have been such a problem for them for so long, he should solve that problem, at least if United’s curse doesn’t turn him from one of the best defensive midfielders in the world into a giant bag of keys. How he will feel about playing alongside the mediocre talents of Fred and Scott McTominay is anybody’s guess.

Attractive Arsenal

Arsenal finished the weekend top of the table with four wins in their first four games, the first time this has happened since the start of the Invincibles’ scary 2004-05 season 18 years ago. It was Mikel Arteta’s 100th game in charge and his side are playing some of the most attractive football in recent years, which has made the Emirates a surprisingly boisterous place to play football. There are questions about the strength of the defense but they face Aston Villa at home in midweek and are expected to claim five wins from five. Then they have to go to Old Trafford. If they come out of there with a win, we can start taking them seriously as a top three. October promises to be crucial. They play against City, Liverpool and Spurs. Ouch.

A big beating from Bournemouth

After Liverpool’s flaky start to the season, which saw them achieve a higher average possession number but be less effective with the ball, at Anfield on Saturday, the boys were back in town. Liverpool smashed a shaky Bournemouth side with a record 9-0 win. You had to feel Scott Parker after the game. He looked like a beaten man and even worse, someone who knew more such beatings awaited him. Visitors to Anfield were embarrassed. In no top flight should a team be beaten by such a margin, especially as Liverpool didn’t even need to be in top form and missed at least three other big chances. It all reflected the deeply uncompetitive tendency in the Premier League where really big money buys really big easy wins. Many league defenders constantly suggest that anyone can beat anyone else. It is simply not true. They have already conceded 16 goals at Arsenal, Manchester City and Liverpool without a reply. That they beat Aston Villa 2-0 on the first day of the season now seems vaguely unbelievable and says little about Villa’s quality.

Fábio Carvalho: a new star from Merseyside

Liverpool’s £5million summer signing from Fulham came on as a second-half substitute and really showed his worth. The 19-year-old has been considered one for the future but he looks ready right now. Fans love him already and he has impressed in his three games so far, scoring with a sweet volley against the Cherries. It came cheap but looks great quality as Liverpool continue their stealthy revolution.

The real world interferes

Football doesn’t exist outside of society, although the ridiculously high wages, transfer fees and unique lingo often make it seem like it lives in an incestuous world of mirrors, separate from the rest of us. . But in the ninth minute of the Liverpool game, the real world got into the proceedings as fans began to cheer in tribute to Olivia Pratt-Korbel, the poor nine-year-old girl who was murdered in Liverpool this week and sang “You’ll Never Walk”. Alone” in solidarity with her family. In the programme, Jurgen Klopp’s words, full of shock and horror at the murder, put football in context.

Gordon is gone?

Everton’s goalscorer against Brentford was 21-year-old Anthony Gordon, a player Chelsea are apparently willing to pay a frankly stupid £60million for. Gordon should be advised to stay at Goodison Park and develop his game. If he is transferred to Stamford Bridge, will he get playing time? Or will he become another in a long line of players whose promising careers stagnate once transferred to Chelsea, perhaps in particular Ross Barkley who arrived in west London as an England international and is finishing his six-year contract this season after making just 58 Premier League appearances, many of them as substitutes; his career faltered. Gordon is a good prospect but Chelsea have at least half a dozen playing in his position. They won’t give him time to develop, they’ll want him to be great from the start and if he’s not, they’ll loan him out. Although the money may be important, if he becomes a big star at Everton he will still be a multi-millionaire at 30 and how much money do you want? The grass isn’t always greener, or even bluer, on the other side.

brighton brighton

Their 1-0 win over Leeds United means Brighton have now gone nine games unbeaten and with three wins and a draw this campaign, their best start to a top-flight season. What impresses on the side of Graham Potter is their regularity. Each of these games saw them play in a composed and well-organized fashion. Yes, they are still short on goals, having scored just five in four games, but their defense is tight with just one conceded, the fewest in the league’s top draw. They earned £61.3million in the transfer market this summer, so have enough money to sign a striker. The fact that they finished the weekend in the top four with 10 points could help attract some of the top talent. If they can do that, there’s no reason why they can’t make it to Europe.

Leeds still in the top 5

After their heroics against Chelsea last week, Jesse Marsch’s boys will be disappointed to lose to Brighton but they played well and dominated possession 56%-44%. The manager was given a yellow for handing out a baton to the officials, then saying, “I had no choice but to escalate my emotions”, which sounds very American, in a way. Graham Potter, on the other hand, allowed himself a little punch at the final whistle, which is about as emotional as it has ever been behind this captain’s beard. Leeds just seem out of options up front if Rodrigo doesn’t get any joy. With the transfer window open until midnight on Thursday, although everyone wants a decent striker, Leeds must try to recruit, especially as Patrick Bamford can’t seem to get fit and stay fit.

Do you feel old?

Bobby Clark made his Liverpool debut as an 83rd-minute substitute. He is the 17-year-old son of former Newcastle United player Lee Clark. If that doesn’t make you feel old, the fact that Ian Wright’s grandson and Sean Wright-Phillips’ son D’Margio Wright-Phillips plays for Stoke should. Where does the time go?

Who can stop City?

TREBLE: Manchester City’s Erling Haaland celebrates his side’s fourth goal of the game to complete his hat trick.

Do bogey teams really exist or does such a thought only exist in the minds of conspiracy theorists? At 2-0 at home to Crystal Palace, who beat them in the same game last season, Manchester City might have thought so, but cheat code that is Erling Haaland had other ideas, scoring a hat-trick in 19 minutes to sweep to victory. . That makes six goals in his first four games. At this rate, if he only plays 40 games, he will score 60 goals. Seriously, don’t bet against it.

Nottingham Forest Transfers

If you haven’t been signed by Forest yet, I’m sure you’ll get the call soon enough. They appear to be aiming for some sort of record as they have signed 17 and are looking to secure two more. This after losing 15 players in pre-season. It feels like an experience that will serve as a lesson in the future, one way or another. Their starting 11 against Spurs – all drawn from the UK – played with vigor and confidence but lacked the edge, or at least couldn’t take a chance. Dean Henderson once again proved what a great signing he is by saving a penalty from Harry Kane, his second of the season. You have to question Manchester United’s decision to let him go on loan and play David DeGea instead. But it was a thrilling game and once again Harry Kane fired Tottenham for a win. The best moment? Richarlison (who was excellent as a sub in the 74th minute) demonstrated by playing Keepy Uppy in the 85th minute, tossed in the air by Brennan Johnson. Don’t show yourself, son.

West Ham beat a supine Aston Villa

West Ham started their match against Villa as the only club in five tiers of English football not to score a goal. Manager David Moyes is just 59 but looks 15 years older as he stands on the touchline, slightly stooped, like an old man with knee problems, waiting for a bus that never comes. It must be a stressful job being a multi-millionaire manager. He made two mistakes. The first was to think that Villa would offer any threat. They did not do it. The second was to set up a back three and full-backs which the players were clearly not good at playing. An inexplicable decision. It was an absolutely appalling first half, devoid of any quality. He went to a back four in the second half and the team worked better and scored a deflected goal to win the game. Steven Gerrard did not win consecutive games during his tenure. Like Moyes, he already looks like a winless month away from the sack.

A game between two teams that can reasonably only have the ambition to finish seventh at best is really a bit depressing. Imagine starting a season knowing that’s the full extent of your ambition. It can barely make the blood rush, can it? West Ham may as well have a new manager, they look messy and outdated. Aston Villa can’t find a rhythm under Steven Gerrard but then, with just the seventh to play, can either be blamed if they lose interest?