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Rep. Mike Turner wants answers on Trump research

“As such, the substance of any communication between NARA, the FBI and/or the DOJ, including whether a formal criminal reference was made by NARA regarding what was ultimately seized by the FBI yesterday and the base of this reference, is of keen interest to the investigative and legislative activities of this committee,” he wrote.

FBI agents executed a search warrant at the former president’s home, called “Mar-a-Lago,” on Monday in what was believed to be a search for presidential records and classified documents. Christina Bobb, a Trump attorney who received a copy of the search warrant, said officers were looking for “presidential records or any possibly classified documents,” according to The New York Times.

It is believed to be the first time an FBI search warrant at the home of a former president has been executed.

On Monday, Turner also demanded that FBI Director Christopher Wray answer questions about the search.

“Congress deserves immediate responses from you as to the actions you ordered,” Turner wrote to Wray. “I hereby request an immediate briefing from you on the members of the House Standing Select Committee on Intelligence regarding any national security threats used to justify your decision.”

The mission of the National Archives is to preserve government records.