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Sunday 20 June 2021 – La Minute Monocle



chef’s table

Italian chef Rosa Vanina first joined the team at French architecture firm LAN to create meals for her in-house cafeteria (writes Carolina Abbott Galvão). It didn’t take long for the team to decide that their food was too good to keep to themselves. Last year, Vanina and the team opened Pianoterra, a restaurant on the ground floor below the studio in the 11th arrondissement. It has since become popular for its rustic, simple and sumptuous Sicilian cuisine. Here, Vanina hosts picnics, plonk, and her favorite beach restaurant.

Where do we find you this weekend?
In the morning, I go to the market. I love to see what is available and feel the energy of the salespeople. If I am with my children in the afternoon, I am either on the rugby field to support my oldest child, or in a park having a picnic.

What is the ideal start to a Sunday? Soft start or jump?
On days when I’m full of energy, the perfect day starts in a pool for an hour of breaststroke. The other days, it’s breakfast on the terrace.

Soundtrack of choice?
To start the weekend: Andrea Laszlo from Simone, Le Volume Courbe and Ennio Morricone.

What’s for breakfast?
Coffee, coffee, coffee. And bread and butter, with blackberry jam from my father’s house near Mount Etna.

News or not?
Yes. On weekends, I like to listen to the news on the radio. On other days I usually read the digital version of The world. Having a reliable source is important to me.

Walk the dog or downhill dog?
I prefer the cat-cow pose.

Lunch inside or outside?
Outside, but not a must. I prefer a quieter place with a pleasant setting.

Pantry essentials that you can’t do without?
Extra virgin olive oil, garlic, lemon – you can do so much with them.

Unmissable Sunday culture?
I am really passionate about cinema, and I find that Sunday is a good day to introduce my children to the classics because we can take our time. I also miss exhibitions, concerts, theater and going to the opera.

A glass of anything you would recommend?
Brut Zéro from Domaine Belluard in Savoie.

The ideal menu for dinner?
Sea urchins, spaghetti with bottarga then rum baba.

Perfect place to dine?
The lido of Pecorini A Mare on the island of Filicudi, Sicily. It is a wild and beautiful place.

Beauty routine or Sunday night improvement?
I eat early, drink a little, smoke a little. Then I go to bed early, having already decided on the lunch menu for the next day.

Are you going to show off your look for Monday? What are you going to wear
A long Crisstaseya skirt, a white T-shirt and chef’s shoes.