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Surfing fans left in confused dismay as WSL dodges the ‘cartoonish’ call of five to seven foot wave sizes from forecaster partner Surfline as it cancels Outerknown Pro for the day due to waves ‘d ‘one to two feet’!

And Surfline’s chief forecaster quips out, “Next time you take a crack, you should make the effort to get your facts straight. But I guess you only care about clicks with #fakenews.

As reported yesterday, Surfline, the world’s leading surf forecaster and official partner of the WSLpredicted “five to seven foot” waves for Teahupoo on Monday.

A little time for Surfline Teahupoo’s camera, hosted by Havae Bungalows just there on the point, however, revealed foot-long lines incurring on the famous reef.

Barely enough wave power, as I wrote about yesterday, to propel a SUP or one of those fantastic pedalo devices which delighted spectators at Burleigh Heads last week.

As readers, and Jonathan Warren, Surfline’s senior forecast manager, were quick to point out, the screenshot of the small waves used in the story is from Sunday.

French Polynesia, of course, is on the other side of the international date line to Australia. Monday here, Sunday there.

“The next time you take a crack you should make the effort to get your facts straight,” Warren wrote. “But I guess you only care about clicks with #fakenews.”

All very good and true points.

Warren included a camera shot of a Teahupoo drainer that could have been almost four feet at takeoff.

A correct prediction, then, might have been one to two with the true larger occasional set.

Wave of the day!

So what has today brought?

If you were to ask Mr. Renato Hickel, the WSL’s own man who decides whether or not the event should go ahead, the waves are “one to two feet”.

Five-to-seven-(Surfline) football, Teahupoo, Monday August 15th.

The waves are forming, said the famous Brazilian and former boyfriend of four-time world champion Lisa Andersen, but too small for competition.

I watched for twenty minutes and saw two three-foot sloths.

The contest was put on hold for many hours until, even with the mountable sets making reluctant cameos, the plug was pulled to tomoz, or maybe Thursday when Surfline calls for a mighty ten to fifteen foot ocean madness.

Buckle up!